Frequently Asked Questions

I'm experiencing a problem with a product bought from you, what should I do?

That's bad news! But, don't worry, we can help you. You can register your repair via the repair form. Fill in this form as completely as possible, then we can best help you. After sending the repair form we will contact you within one working day!

I am experiencing a problem with a product that was not purchased from you, but you are selling this product. What can I do? 
Also in this case we can help you! You can fill in the repair form so we can contact you.

Will my repair be reimbursed by you?
That depends on a number of factors. First of all, we always let you know in advance what costs will be involved in your repair. A warranty period and/or service contract may affect these costs. 

Due to circumstances, I still want to cancel the repair, does this involve costs?
Yes, if we treat your repair and it is cancelled, we will charge € 100,-* in research costs.

I have a malfunction, help!
Don't worry, we can help you anyway! Send an e-mail or contact us via the contact form.

What is the status of my repair?
We will send you an update on the progress of the repair of your product by e-mail. 

Shipping & returns

What are your delivery times?
When the product is in stock, your package will be delivered the next day. Deliveries take place on working days, except Monday. When there is no stock, we place an order with our suppliers. These delivery times are not fixed, ask here during your order or be surprised!

After placing your order you will receive an e-mail with the expected delivery date, this date is subject to change. If the expected delivery date changes, you will always receive an e-mail about this. 

Can I pick up my parcel?
Yes, you can! Please indicate this with your order so you will receive an e-mail when your package is ready.

What shipping costs do you charge?
Shipping costs are calculated on the basis of (volume) weight, this applies to:
- Shipments to foreign countries
- Shipments within the Netherlands with a total amount under € 350,- excl. VAT.

The shipping costs for the Netherlands are free if your order has a total amount of € 350, - excl. VAT or higher. 

With which parcel service do you send parcels?
We ship our products with Mikropakket.

I want to return a product, how does this work? 
You can return the package free of charge at our office. When you send the parcel with a parcel service, the costs are for you.

Make an appointment

Can I come by without an appointment?
No, you can't. Call, email or fill in the contact form to make an appointment.

Is there parking space?
Yes, there is a parking lot on the grounds of Triple Audio with sufficient parking spaces.

Placing an order

How can I place an order?
You can place an order through our webshop or by e-mail. When you place your order through our webshop, you will automatically receive a 3% discount!

I can't find everything on the webshop, what now?
Ugh, that's awkward. E-mail us, we'll see if we can make you a suitable offer.

I have an idea, but I don't know what I need for it. What can I do?
Get in touch! We love new ideas and like to think along with you. Come along, mail or call us and we'll help you map out the possibilities.