Looking for microphone windscreens?

Triple Audio is exclusive supplier of the high quality Schulze-Brakel microphone windscreens. We can print these windshields with your own logo and in any color imaginable. Besides Schulze-Brakel windscreens, we also supply the original Milab and Neumann windscreens.

Valuable product
Windscreens are known for being valuable items. This is because the product, often to the amazement of many people, has a very long production process involving many different techniques.

A windscreen is more than a ball of foam on a microphone. The purpose of a windscreen is to soften the loud 'p'-, 't'-, and 's'-sounds in a microphone, because this is disturbing for the listener. By simply sliding a piece of foam over the microphone, the audio is muffled more than you would like. The result: a dull sound that sounds far away.

For every microphone
For the best quality audio, it's best to choose a windscreen that's just right for your microphone. At Triple Audio we have windscreens for every kind of microphone, so there's always something for you.

Besides plop balls, Triple Audio also sells (printed) microphone flags and plopkillers.